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    guarding plane in tarmac - k9 unit
    Guarding a US plane in the runway.
    Hello, I'm Differ an ex-military and K-9 trainer with 20 years of experience handling dogs trained for a wide variety of skills. This is my blog where I will share my experience training different dog breeds when I was still in the service. I don't treat myself as an expert dog trainer, my only goal is to share my knowledge of dog training techniques we used back then.

    A brief history of me - We have a lot of dogs in our house. I had my first puppy dog when I was 10 years old. My genuine encounter with dog training started when I met a friend who owns a pet shop. He introduced me to different dog breeds and the styles of training he applied to a particular breed of dog. From that point onward, I began training my dog and became familiar with dog behaviors. In the beginning, I was surprised at how challenging to train a dog and I told myself that it might take years before I could be good at dog training. But, I get more interested every time I made a discovery and my most incredible find was that I can easily train a dog.

    K-9 Officer

    guarding airpot officials - k9 search and rescue unit
    On Duty K-9 Unit
    I don't have a pretty good feel running a business or do a corporate job so I decided to join the military after college. In the course of my career in the armed forces, I gained my first qualification in animal behavior and K-9 training. I immediately received duties from high command to train canines in various tasks like VIP protection, drugs and detection, canine search and rescue operations and much more. After many years of service in the military, I pursued my work in dog training centers. I worked with veterinarians providing dog-training expert services and gives professional advice to other dog owners having a range of difficulties with their pet dogs. My genuine pleasure is to talk about my experience and enthusiasm I acquired from years of training dogs. I like to increase people's awareness and understanding of the subject of dog care. This website is for people who like to learn about something new or discover a way to work out issues with your dog.

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