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Positive Dog Training: A Great Method of Dog Obedience Training

Positive dog training while increasingly popular in today's canine community has been around since the '60s. Karen Pryor started using it in the '60s to train Dolphins and is considered by many to be the pioneer of modern "clicker training."
For this article from here on out, I will refer to "clicker training" as "positive reinforcement" because you don't have to use a clicker in positive training.  You can use a word or a sound you make with your mouth or hands.Positive training is commonly referred to as "marker training" too because the entire purpose of the method is to "mark" the desired behavior using either sounds or words. Dog Obedience Training Using Positive MethodsPositive training isn't about being "super freak-o-paranoid" about corrections and being a happy friendly person to your dog. Positive training is about getting results that will save your dog's life in the most stress-free manner ava…

Three Tips Training a Dog Basic Obedience Skills

Three basic commands to teach your dog obedience skills A dog offers unconditional love and companionship to a caring owner. A properly-trained dog adds more joy and pleasure compared to an untaught dog. Researches have shown that an obedient dog is a happier and appeased animal than one who is not. I love to train dogs and my goal is always to have a pooch that is nice and can be controlled in any situation especially if there are children or other animals around. I do my training without cruelty and without tearing a dog's spirit. If you applied the right dog training methods, you will be surprised at how easy your dog can follow and understand your commands. Here are some great examples of dog training methods you can use to develop your dog's basic obedience skills: Here are three great examples of dog training methods you can use to develop your dog's basic obedience skills: 1. The Sit Command The sit command should be the first lesson you can teach your dog. It is the m…

Dog Training Fundamentals You Need to Learn

Apply the basics of dog training to get good results.Many dog owners believe that training their dog is hard. Others just say their dog breed is not trainable. The truth is these views are wrong because all dogs can be trained and teaching them some good skills are not that hard. If you train a dog it’s a lot of fun. There are breeds of dogs that are easily trainable compared to others. The difference in opinion, however, is in the claim that there are breeds of dogs that are untrainable and this view is wrong. What I will teach are the basic methods to train your dog so you will not result to hitting and shouting every time your dog misbehaves.
Right guidelines for dog training success. You have taught your dog right if you handle the basic dog skills in a patiently way. You are not deemed successful if your pooch easily forgets the skills you teach within a day. The rules to know if you are successful in your dog training: ·How many days you spent in training your dog ·The skills lear…