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Behavior Adjustment Training (Bat) - Make Your Dog Calm and Less Reactive

In 2009 Geisha Stewart started to practice a fairly new behavior therapy approach called Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT). Although the technique has a short history, it gathers worldwide attention and many dog owners and their dogs were helped by this method.

What is BAT? Behavior adjustment training developed its systems from earlier programs like: Desensitization Functional communication exercise Constructional Aggression TreatmentApart from these, the idea of behavior adjustment training also depends on using reward training principles like: Clicker training Negative reinforcement Multiple rewarding systems Knowing the impacts and the significance of environmental factors in a dog’s life Understanding a dog’s signals and behavioral patternsBehavior adjustment training centers on routines and generated situations to allow your dog to go through them.
The starting point is to let your dog see the trigger from a distance where your dog starts to show a calm reaction to the stimulus, and…

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